1) WG555 - Redemption of Calvary (White gold - Diamond Simulant)

Redemption of Calvary
(White Gold – Diamond Simulant)


Key Message:

God’s Love and Salvation for mankind through Jesus Christ.

Product Details

Cross Pendant with Diamond Simulants set on Solid 750 White Gold frame.

Dimension of Pendant: 23mm long, 17mm wide

Approx weight of pendant : 2.39g


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SKU: WG555. Categories: Diamond Simulant

This product Redemption of Calvary which is set with Diamond Simulants may have the same visual appeal as product Bride of Christ – White Gold (WGD6110) carrying a similar design but set with Natural Diamonds. Its pricing is a fraction of the Natural Diamond version. The choice depends on your personal and spending preference for natural and simulant stones.

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(White Gold – Diamond Simulant)”