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Marquise – 58 facets

Clarity Vapour Deposition (CVD) simulant. Lab-cultured diamond simulant using nano technology surface treatment which further enhances the brilliance and clarity of the stone so that it looks remarkably real to the eyes with a striking resemblance to natural diamond.  

Hardness : 8.25 to 8.5

Colour : Colourless (visually equivalent to D colour)

Clarity : Flawless (visually equivalent to Internally Flawless)

Cut : Ideal dimensional cut (with a super brilliant and real effect due to the CVD treatment. Described in short as ‘Super Cut’ for our CVD treated diamond simulant)

Carat       Cut             Dimensions :
1.0 ct        Super Cut     5x10mm
3.0 cts      Super Cut     14x7mm

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