Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care


Approx weight of product: 80g

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Everyday exposure to body creams, skin oils, hairspray, perfume, body-care products and other household chemicals can cause build-up that dulls the brilliance and sparkle of your diamond and gemstones. Regular cleaning is required to restore and retain their sparkle. Do not clean your jewellery with any household detergent, chlorine, abrasives or body-care products which may be harmful to the diamond or gemstones.

For thorough and effective cleaning,

Use Asher Guhjiree Jewellery Cleanser, a revolutionary 2-in-1 special formula for cleansing and conditioning your diamond or gemstone.

Product Description

  • Ideal for all diamonds or gemstones, both natural or simulants
  • Dual functions as a cleansing and conditioning solution
  • Advance formula of U.S.A.
  • Capacity per bottle: 70ml
  • Approx weight of bottle: 80g

Why Asher Guhjiree Jewellery Cleanser is so special?

Asher Guhjiree Jewellery Cleanser is absolutely safe for you and your environment.

  • The solution does not contain alcohol, ammonia, ammonium or any other chemicals which may be harmful to your jewellery or skin.
  • It is also free of fragrance, irritants and abrasives, hence the solution is gentle on your skin if your hands are in touch with it during the cleaning process.
  • Clear water-based solution, with near neutral PH
  • Colourless and Odourless
  • Non toxic
  • Non flammable

No rinsing with water is required as the solution itself acts as a conditioner for your jewellery.