Why Asher Guhjiree Christian Jewelry is Special


Prophetic significance of Product Portfolio

Each cross pendant and Star of David pendant carries a special prophetic message and biblical insight. The release of each product was orchestrated by God in a perfect orderly sequence, depicting the walk of every believer in Christ from Salvation to the End Times Calling upon our lives :

    • God’s love & Salvation for mankind through Jesus Christ
    • Intimate Covenant Relationship with God
    • Preparing ourselves as the Bride of Christ
    • Availing ourselves as Jesus Christ’s willing & powerful vessels for His Great Commission
    • Preparing for the End times and Christ’s return for His bride : Understanding God’s heartbeat for the Jews and Gentiles

Brand and high quality standards

Our original designs are currently protected under the Register of Designs, Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS) and is pending design registration in other countries.

The specifications of our Core Collection of Christian Jewelry Products are also certified by an Independent Gem Testing and Jewelry Appraisal Laboratory, a recognised Member of the Singapore Jewellers Association.

Our gemstones and diamonds (Natural or Simulants) are cut by highly-skilled and talented Gemstone Cutters from USA. They are intricately and carefully set on gold framework in Singapore factory by very experienced and skilful Hong Kong craftsmen.

Stringent quality checks and control for all products are undertaken before they are shipped to our customers. Hence, Asher Guhjiree Jewelry Products are rest assured to be authentic and live up to our high quality standards.